Why you need to test before and during your Oracle EBS to Cloud migration

Shift-left: An iterative testing approach

Shift-left testing refers to pushing tests to the earlier stages of a migration project, and this approach greatly helps organizations avoid cost overruns and project delays by identifying and resolving bugs as early as possible in the development cycle. The Shift-left approach not only emphasises testing early, but alsomakes testing central to the development cycle.

Applying Shift-Left Testing Approach in EBS to Oracle Cloud Migrations

The migration to Oracle Cloud can be greatly de-risked by applying a Shift-left testing approach. With this approach, organizations perform testing pre-migration, during-migration, and post-migration, as described earlier, this approach enables organizations to find and resolve bugs early in the process. This reduces risk by ensuring that small issues do not compound into large-scale problems.

  • Less human error
  • Increased test coverage (multiple tests can be conducted at the same time)
  • Cost savings

Here are some ways to implement a Shift-left testing approach to your Oracle migration:

Start early by incorporating test automation in your Oracle EBS instance. By testing in your EBS instance, iterative testing will become more efficient and will require less effort over time, as early testing allows you to organically build more coverage as your technology stack evolves around your digital core transition.

Accelerate your EBS to Oracle Cloud Migration with Opkey

Opkey has helped some of the world’s largest companies migrate from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud with a Shift-left testing approach. Here’s a bit about how we did it:

  • Migration Impact Assessment: Opkey autonomously discovers your current processes and highlights business-critical functions to ensure they are tested first.
  • Test Discovery: Opkey immediately discovers your historical test scripts from your EBS environment and maps it to your new cloud environment.
  • Visualization of as-is and to-be business processes: Opkey provides detailed impact report of As-Is and To-Be business processes to ensure nothing breaks during the migration.
  • Test Accelerator: Opkey has a library of over 5,000+ test cases that can be applied to customers in minutes, ensuring they have complete test coverage.
  • End-to-end Testing: Opkey alerts you whenever middleware, integrations, and other 3rd party applications are at risk from a change in your Oracle environment.



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