What’s new in the Oracle 23A Release

3 min readFeb 10, 2023

Oracle releases new updates every quarter to provide its customers with improved features, functionality, and security. The most recent update is Oracle Cloud 23A, which includes new enhancements for the Financials, Supply Chain Management, and Human Capital Management modules. To ensure that business operations are not disrupted, a thorough testing plan is needed for the 23A release.

This blog will give a high-level summary of all impacted functionalities for the Financials, SCM, and HCM modules.

For more detailed information about the release, we encourage you to read our advisory document on the Oracle Cloud 23A release notes.

Oracle Cloud 23A: What’s new?‍

Oracle Cloud 23A updates in the Financials module


  • The Oracle Cloud Financials 23A update includes a new report called the Invoice Lines Recognition Rate Report. This report allows you to track the accuracy of invoice document processing by the Intelligent Document Recognition feature.


  • The Oracle 23A update lets you split payments for foreign currency invoices with VAT taxes into two separate payments. One payment for the foreign currency line amount and another for the VAT amount in the ledger currency.

General Ledger

  • The Oracle Cloud 23A release provides a feature called Configure controls to prevent future-dated journals from posting to an open period in average daily balance ledgers.

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Oracle Cloud 23A updates in SCM/Procurement module‍


  • With the Oracle Cloud 23A release you can now use the “Award Distribution” functionality to more efficiently capture project costs across the procure to pay lifecycle and during import of costs from third party systems.

Supplier Model‍

  • 23A allows users to create supplier sites with a name of up to 240 characters to better identify them, providing flexibility to satisfy the requirements of any naming convention.


  • You can now extend a closed negotiation to give suppliers more time to respond.

Oracle Cloud 23A Updates in the Human Capital Management Module‍

Talent Management‍

  • Users have an option to schedule recurring check-ins on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis which can be viewed on Employee’s Touchpoint page.

Absence Management‍

  • When using the recent search option, managers and administrators are now prevented from viewing the Time and Absences pages of employees for whom they do not have access.

The Oracle Fusion 23A release comes with more features and enhancements in each of these modules — Financials, SCM, and HCM. Check out Opkey’s Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 23A Release to get complete details on these updates.

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