The benefits of upgrading from Oracle EBS 12.1 to 12.2

3 min readSep 14, 2022


Since Premier Support for Oracle EBS 12.1 ended in December 2021, enterprises must decide whether or not to upgrade their EBS to version 12.2. Staying with version 12.1 means that you no longer receive updates, security updates, data fixes, critical patch updates, and legal and regulatory updates. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of upgrading to Oracle EBS version 12.2, steps for upgrade testing, and how Opkey’s automation platform makes EBS upgrades less expensive, time-consuming, and resource-intensive.

‍The benefits of an Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade‍

Oracle understands that EBS applications are critical to your day-to-day business success. That’s why after announcing the end of Premium Support for Oracle EBS 12.1, they are encouraging customers with previous versions of Oracle EBS to upgrade to EBS 12.2. If you make this upgrade, you will receive Premier Support through 2031. Additionally, the 12.2 release will continue to receive new enhancements and features from Oracle.

Although the benefits of an Oracle EBS 12.1 to 12.2 upgrade are abundant and include online patching, a WebLogic Server, enterprise command centers (ECC), enhanced compliance features, and performance and usability improvements, there may be some challenges when it comes to testing the upgrade.

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‍How to set up an efficient test strategy when upgrading to Oracle EBS 12.2

Often, customers develop issues with their EBS upgrade process because they neglect to set up the right testing foundation. The most prominent issues include:

  • Existing customizations: The most important technical work involved in an R12.2 upgrade is to meet the minimum requirements to make existing customizations work correctly in Oracle EBS 12.2. Due to architecture changes, there’s a possibility that your existing customizations won’t work. You need to identify and decide which customizations are impacted and can be replaced with standard functionalities available in R12.2.
  • Configuration issues: Configuration issues can affect app tiers due to missing rpms and Kernel parameter changes.
  • Existing integrations: Third party products and integrations must be validated with an R12.2 upgrade. If this isn’t done, there’s a possibility of changing existing objects or removing objects, which can disrupt workflows.

The best way to decrease risk during an upgrade is through a robust testing strategy. With that in mind, here are six Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade best practices to ensure your upgrade is completed efficiently.

Opkey’s automated testing platform is the perfect solution to ensure your Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade doesn’t go over budget or timeline.

Streamline your EBS 12.2 upgrade with test automation

To ensure a successful Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade, multiple rounds of testing is required. Automated testing is the most cost-effective and robust way to ensure you avoid critical app downtime.

Too much time & money is wasted if your business users manually execute multiple cycles of regression testing for an EBS upgrade. This labor-intensive activity can expose your business to unnecessary risks, due to human errors. No-code automated testing eliminates the need of exhaustive, manual user involvement in Oracle EBS testing cycles, but still allows business process experts to participate in your testing cycles, ensuring a risk-free upgrade.

Using an intelligent test automation platform like Opkey can help ensure a successful Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrade. Opkey’s AI-driven end-to-end test automation platform reduces business continuity risk by 90%, increases EBS upgrade speed by up to 10x, and is half the cost of other test automation platforms. Opkey eliminates the guesswork associated with an EBS upgrade and provides out-of-the-box EBS features built specifically to ensure a smooth upgrade:


Although the end of Premier Support for Oracle EBS 12.1 may have caused stress for businesses and forced them to contemplate upgrading to EBS 12.2, when done correctly, an upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2 can provide many benefits. However, to ensure a smooth upgrade, you will need to pair a proper testing strategy with a test automation tool that is built for Oracle EBS ,and simple enough that any business user can use it. Look no further than Opkey’s AI-driven automated testing platform, which is the best solution for ensuring a quick and risk-free Oracle EBS upgrade.

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