Test Data Management: What You Need to Know

What is Test Data Management?

Significance of Test Data Management

Main Challenges in Test Data Management

  • Testing teams have inadequate and incomplete test data
  • Testing teams may not have access to data sources
  • Testing teams get slow response from development teams, due to other priorities
  • Large volumes of data may be needed, but QA teams don’t have the appropriate tools or skill sets to manage so much data
  • Testers often spend significant time and effort in communicating with architects, database admins, and business analysts to gather data, rather than focusing on actual testing
  • The provided data is often sensitive, and thus unsuitable for testing purposes
  • Huge volumes of data are needed to be analysed in a short time-frame.

The Current State of Test Data Management For Automation Testing

Opkey’s TDM solution For Test Automation



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