Overcoming the Challenges of Salesforce testing with AI-Driven Test Automation

  • First of all, Selenium only allows you to test web apps, not mobile or desktop apps. So, end to end test automation across all enterprise ecosystems becomes a big challenge for enterprises using Selenium.
  • Useful features like reporting and data-driven testing are only possible with the integration of additional tools.
  • Test scripts that are created with Selenium, require a significant maintenance effort to keep the scripts up to date with regular changes coming with every Salesforce update.
  • Selenium-based scripts don’t understand the impact of change after any update nor perform any risk-based analysis.
  • Handling Dynamic Elements
  • Navigation through windows/tabs
  • iFrames
  • Zero-code Test builder– OpKey’s zero-code test builder can easily handle dynamic objects and specific controls provide 70% faster test creation as compared to Selenium. The test builder is also updated continuously to be in sync with the latest Salesforce updates freeing you from all maintenance worries.
  • Salesforce API testing– OpKey’s automation engine generates tests automatically for all your REST and SOAP services. It can automatically detect API endpoints for your salesforce org, ensuring 70% faster API test creation.
  • Model-Based Testing approach– With OpKey’s model-based testing approach you can easily create a model of your application with drag and drop canvas. Provides 50+ Pre-Built Salesforce model for the most comprehensive Salesforce test automation.
  • End to end impact analysis– Based on risk-based testing, OpKey’s foresight solution gives you information on the scope of Salesforce testing after each update. The impact analysis feature identifies what exactly will break, and automatically updates your test scripts.



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