Oracle Cloud Quarterly Updates: An Essential Testing Guide

Why should you care about Oracle Cloud quarterly update testing?

  • As a business owner, you should be considering:
  • As a business user / manager, you should be considering:
  • As a QA/ IT/ Oracle Cloud Application Manager, you should be considering:

How should you be addressing these concerns?

How automated testing addresses specific employee concerns:

  • Oracle test automation significantly increases the speed of testing cycles by 80%, enabling you to make the most of your Oracle applications.
  • By providing 100% test coverage, you’re guaranteed that your Oracle application will not experience downtime
  • Testing costs are reduced by more than 50%, compared to manual testing.
  • An Oracle test automation platform eliminates the need for employees to spend hours testing each quarter. This enables your employees to focus on tasks that really matter.
  • Oracle test automation enables business users to create and maintain test scripts without the help of technical resources.
  • By greatly reducing test cycle times, test automation frees users from tedious work.
  • Test automation streamlines your reporting processes, and ensures each test is document for compliance purposes.
  • Pre-built test accelerators, built from a library of 5,000 Oracle tests, will save your team hours of time creating tests.
  • AI-powered Impact assessment immediately shows you the impact of bug fixes, new features, and functionalities, on existing business processes.
  • Test automation eliminates the issues posed by over-testing and under-testing. You’ll know that you’re testing exactly what you need to.
  • Test automation reduces the burden of test script maintenance. Automated testing platforms like Opkey have self-healing capabilities that autonomously fix breakages to test scripts that occur with updates, without requiring human intervention.




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