Oracle Cloud 23B Release: A Comprehensive Guide

3 min readMay 3, 2023

23B is here. The newest release will provide new features, functionality, and security for your ecosystem-all major benefits to your company. But testing the update? not so simple. Expect improvements and changes to the Financials, Supply Chain Management, and Human Capital Management modules. You’ll need a thorough testing plan, laid out in advance, to ensure that your business processes are unaffected.

This blog will give a high-level summary of all impacted functionalities for the Financials, SCM, and HCM modules. For more detailed information, see our advisory document on the Oracle Cloud 23B Release.

Oracle Cloud 23B: What’s New?

Oracle Cloud 23B Updates in the Financials Module


  • The Oracle 23B release allows employees to select a cash advance payment method as part of the cash advance request process. This option is configurable at the business unit level.


  • The Automatic Resumption of Payment Process Request is an updated functionality introduced by the Oracle Cloud 23B release. This is an automatic procedure that permits a transaction to proceed after receiving payment approval. (Previously, processing payments had to resume manually after a payment’s approval.)

Budgetary Control

  • You can now turn on budget control and encumbrance accounting for the internal material transfer to expense transaction subtype in a project.
  • You can now make payments even if there are insufficient funds by enabling the checkbox in the Advanced tab on the Create Payment page.

Oracle Cloud 23B Updates in SCM / Procurement Module


  • Oracle Cloud 23B SCM upgrade now allows you to use the Order Date to determine the price on purchase orders instead of the requested delivery or shipment dates. You can now configure blanket purchase agreements to price purchase orders based on order date.

Supplier Model

  • You can now use new business classifications, including LGBTQ+ Owned and Person with Disability Owned, for enhanced ESG reporting.


  • The 23B release allows you to use an Oracle Analytics Publisher template to configure the content of the online message notification. You can tailor the notification layout and content to meet your specific business requirements.

Oracle Cloud 23B Updates in the Human Capital Management Module

Talent Management

  • Customers of Oracle Cloud HCM Talent Management who are still utilizing the Classic pages must upgrade to the new, user-friendly Responsive pages in Oracle 23B.

Absence Management

  • The Oracle Cloud 23B upgrade has improved time card processing when calculating compensatory time earned on a timecard. The compensatory time earned on the time card is now added to the compensatory time absence plan balance only after the time card is approved. If you submit a time card with earned compensatory time and a compensatory absence on the same time card, the absence consumes the compensatory time from previously approved time cards, and not the current time card.

The Oracle Fusion 23B release comes with more features and enhancements in each of these modules — Financials, SCM, and HCM. Check out Opkey’s Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 23B Release to get complete details on these updates.

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Happy testing!

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