Oracle Cloud 22D Release: What You Need to Know

3 min readJan 30, 2023

Oracle’s 22D quarterly update is here, with new features and enhancements for Oracle users. Businesses need a robust testing plan to take advantage of Oracle’s cutting-edge capabilities while being certain that none of their crucial business operations will stop working after the update. In addition to providing test guidance for the Oracle Cloud 22D release, this blog will provide a high-level overview of all impacted modules and functionality for Oracle Cloud’s Financials, SCM, and HCM modules.

Oracle’s 22D new features correspond to the Financials, SCM, HCM modules, and these changes are all pushed through the Oracle 22D release notes.

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Oracle Cloud 22D updates in the Financials module

Payables: New Features


General Ledger

More features and functionality from the Oracle Fusion 22D release can be found in the following financial modules: Intercompany, Common Financials, Expenses, Advanced Collection, Cash Management,and more.

Oracle Cloud 22D Updates in the Procurement/SCM Module


Supplier Model


  • Oracle Cloud 22D update allows users to initiate an approval by default when they’re creating purchasing documents from the negotiation award.
  • They can route the negotiation or award documents to the right approver based on whether it’s an amendment or a new round.‍

Additional features were added to: Sourcing, Supplier Qualification Management, Procurement Contracts, and the Supplier Channel Management modules.

Check out Opkey’s Advisory Document for the Oracle Cloud 22D Release to get complete details on these SCM updates.

Oracle Cloud 22D Updates in the HCM Module

Talent Management

  • The Oracle Cloud 22D update has introduced Oracle touchpoints introduced to create meaningful interactions between employees and managers.
  • Certain feature options have been renamed for the HR assigned development goal notifications.‍

Absence Management

Time and Labor

  • Time cards have been integrated with delete assignment process in Global HR with the Oracle Cloud 22D release.
  • Generate Time Cards task can now be directly accessed from the Tasks panel tab of the Time Management work area or using the new quick action.‍

Additional features and functionalities were added to: Global HR, HCM Common Architecture, Talent Management, Global Payroll, Recruiting, and Benefits.

Test Guidance from Opkey

To successfully navigate the Oracle Cloud 22D update, Opkey is here with its strong testing approach. Opkey’s pre-built library of over 5,000 test cases offers a comprehensive set of automated tests that you can immediately apply to your environment. Saving your time, money, and effort during these release cycles.

Additionally, Opkey provides:

  • Comprehensive impact analysis reports on everything impacted and the new features to prioritize
  • A full risk assessment of your business processes against the Oracle Cloud 22D release
  • End-to-end business process flows across Oracle’s Financials module
  • End-to-end business process flows across the SCM module
  • End-to-end business process flows across the Oracle’s HCM module
  • Primary/Alternate use-case scenarios
  • Oracle Cloud’s Security tests
  • Integration/Regression tests‍

With the Oracle 22D release date just two weeks away, there is not enough time for most organizations to manually test all their critical business processes, workflows, security roles, and end-to-end integrations. With Opkey’s managed cloud service s, you can successfully navigate through the Oracle Cloud 22D update with less time, money, and effort.

Check out our Oracle Quarterly Upgrades Managed Service if you’d like to learn more about how Opkey can handle these updates on your behalf and spare you the hassle.

And feel free to watch our webinar, Everything you need to know about Oracle Cloud’s 22D release, to better prepare your business for the update.

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