Oracle Cloud 22B Release- Test automation solution by Opkey

Everything you need to know about Oracle Cloud’s 22B release

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Oracle Cloud 22B release will bring new functionalities, features, and security enhancements. But Oracle customers will only have 2 short weeks to ensure that existing business processes won’t be adversely affected by these changes. This is especially risky because, according to Gartner, 1 hour of application downtime can cost a large organization $300K an hour. If you’re nervous about the Oracle Cloud 22B release, we’re here to help. Our comprehensive testing platform will eliminate the risk of your Oracle Cloud account breaking-allowing you to focus on how to take advantage of new features. Watch this webinar to learn everything you need to know about Oracle’s upcoming release, and be confident that your business will be prepared.

  • Everything that will impact, and what new features to prioritize
  • How to conduct a full risk assessment of your business processes against the Oracle Cloud 22B update and understand the unique coverage areas that need to be tested thoroughly
  • How Opkey can help you validate and test your business processes against Oracle Cloud updates
  • Opkey will walk through how its no-code, continuous testing platform can help you ensure 99% test coverage on Oracle Cloud 22B update

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