How Test Automation Makes Cloud Migrations Easier

Oracle Cloud applications have become quite popular for enterprises, as they offer business continuity assurance, real-time data access, easy integration with third party productivity tools, and lower operating costs over time. Many companies are now migrating from their on-prem Oracle EBS system to Oracle Cloud to take advantage of these benefits, especially considering that premier support has ended for EBS 12.1.

This blog post highlights Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud migrations and offers guidance on how to eliminate testing bottlenecks through test automation. Removing testing bottlenecks is vital because, according to Oracle, more than 80% of migration projects fail to stay on schedule or within budget.

What are the Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud migration options?

Enterprises can implement Oracle Cloud in one of the following ways:

  1. A re-platform of Oracle EBS to the cloud via “lift and shift”

1. A lift and shift of Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (re-platforming)

In a lift and shift migration, you can continue using the same EBS applications in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with little to no disruptions and negligible costs for training for business users. In an EBS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure migration, you can carry over your existing customizations, integrations and extensions. That being said, you need to perform multiple rounds of testing, along with additional security testing, to ensure there aren’t any negative process deviations, and critical customizations and integrations are working as expected.

2. Oracle EBS migration to Oracle Cloud Applications (SaaS/re-implementation)

3. Oracle EBS hybrid migration to Oracle Cloud

How can Opkey make your Oracle Cloud migration easier?


Migrating to Oracle’s SaaS is more of a commitment than lift and shift. Oracle Cloud offers configurations rather than customizations. As opposed to having a customized workflow in EBS that is specific to your business, Oracle Cloud Applications are more generic and must be configured using the Oracle Business Process Management (BPM) cloud service. Thus, every existing EBS workflow needs to be verified to ensure successful transition to the cloud. Testing for data validation, security role validation, and regulatory compliance verifications needs to be done for this type of migration.

The following information and testing should be applied to a migration from Oracle EBS on-prem to Oracle Cloud applications:

Another way of moving to Oracle Cloud is to take business processes off-premise one at a time. The most common version of this hybrid migration involves an upfront database migration followed by a process-by-process move to the cloud. The benefit of this is that the front-end applications can get the support they need for the transition at a slower pace.

This type of migration is complex. For example, a department may shift their Procure to Pay process to an Oracle Cloud server, but parts of the processes involve integrations with apps that operate through an on-premise server. There are two important testing considerations to incorporate because of how processes ebb and flow through apps:

Whitepaper: Testing Strategy for Migration from Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud

Data migrations to the Cloud are a huge business risk. If testing is skipped or performed inconsistently, the impact could cause a number of issues, including application errors, data breaches, and lost revenue. Opkey’s powerful test automation platform uses AI to streamline your migration to Oracle Cloud while protecting your data. To shorten test creation time, Opkey has a library of more than 7,000+ pre-built test cases for Oracle EBS and Oracle Cloud. Tests can be applied to clients’ test environments in hours, instantly increasing their test coverage, and Opkey offers several tools that specifically help with migrations:

Read our blog: Migrating to Oracle Cloud vs. Upgrading EBS

Oracle EBS to Oracle Cloud migrations require careful planning and testing. Whether you’re migrating your entire EBS system to the cloud or creating a hybrid system of on-premise and cloud-based applications, you want to ensure your data is migrated smoothly and safely.

Implementing testing for these migrations may seem challenging, but using the right automation platform makes all the difference. Opkey’s AI-enhanced features and no-code test creation are a great way to avoid time-consuming test script writing, and test maintenance.

Stop wasting time and resources on testing. Let us make the process easy.

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Opkey is a SaaS Based Automation Tool that allows you to easily automate testing of Oracle, Salesforce & Workday.

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Opkey is a SaaS Based Automation Tool that allows you to easily automate testing of Oracle, Salesforce & Workday.