How Opkey Solves the Most Common Challenges to Automating SAP Testing

Common Challenges to Automating SAP Testing

  • Opkey uses natural language processing (NLP) technologythat allows for the creation of test cases inthe English language. This means that anyone with SAP functional knowledge, business processes, or workflows can enhance the quality and coverage of the test cases.
  • Opkey’s AI-powered test mining engine can immediately surface the tests your organization is currently running, and recommend new tests to fill in the gaps. This guarantees optimal test coverage.
  • With Opkey’s NLP-based test automation framework, tests that take hours to create and automated with code-based tools, can be executed in minutes.
  • Opkey provides Opkey University, which enables teams to increase their test automation skills and get Opkey certified in a self-taught environment.


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Opkey is a SaaS Based Automation Tool that allows you to easily automate testing of Oracle, Salesforce & Workday.