Don’t lose sleep over another Oracle Update

What to know about Oracle’s Short-Term Support Services

Enterprises that are currently using EBS 12.1.3 and plan to move to Oracle EBS 12.2 can continue to lean on Oracle’s Market-Driven Support for E-Business Suite 12.1. This service is offered by Oracle Advanced Customer Services (ACS), and is meant to support users as they begin their upgrade process. While this support will be available until 2023, the following service components are not available with this Support:

  • Critical fixes and/or workarounds for the newly discovered product issues resulting in Severity 1 and 2 Service Requests
  • Periodic critical security patches and updates
  • Legislative and regulatory updates, as well as payroll-tax updates for selected countries

Key Considerations while planning EBS 12.2 Upgrade

It should be now be clear that EBS 12.1 customers must upgrade to Oracle EBS 12.2, as Oracle’s support for 12.1 will stop in 2023. To ensure a seamless, stress-free upgrade to EBS 12.2.X, customers should keep the following points in mind.

Upgrade Options for EBS 12.1.x Users

Oracle offers three upgrade options to existing EBS customers — Technical Upgrade, Functional Upgrade or a Hybrid Upgrade.

  • Upgrade Advisory and Upgrade Assessment
  • CEMLIs Upgrade Services
  • Three rounds of migrations/upgrades testing
  • A full production-upgrade
  • A month of post-production support
  • Overall Upgrade Project Services
  • Business processes
  • CEMLIs
  • Applications performance
  • Test assets & Test scripts (if automated)
  • Functional and technical documentation

The Importance of Testing

Enterprises must understand that testing is a critical component for a successful EBS upgrade. To ensure that there is no broken functionality in the upgraded environment, rigorous tests need to be scripted, performed, and maintained.

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