Coupa test automation: all you need to know

3 min readFeb 10, 2023

The need for precise and adaptable financial and supply chain operations is growing, especially with concerns of an economic downturn. Many companies are having difficulty getting real-time visibility and monitoring of their processes and spending, leading to unexpected expenses. This is why Coupa, a cloud-based platform for procurement, payments, and supply chain management, was recently purchased for $8 billion. Businesses today require cloud-based spend management software that is as responsive and adaptable as they are, and Coupa is a leader in this field.

Although Coupa empowers customers to quickly make changes to their app and adapt quickly to changing market dynamics, many organizations struggle to efficiently test their Coupa applications, which lowers the ROI of their investment. This article explains why Coupa test automation is vital to making the most of your Coupa applications, and highlights factors to consider when choosing a test automation tool for Coupa.

What is Coupa?

Coupa is cloud-based software that helps businesses manage payments, supply chain, and procurement processes. It helps companies become more resilient, have better insight into their spending, and turn challenges into advantages. With Coupa, businesses can eliminate paperwork by fully automating contracts and converting paper contracts to digital with contract lifecycle management tools.

Here are some high-level Coupa benefits:

  • Intuitive UI: Coupa’s unified interface combines data from every point in the supply chain in one location, eliminating the need to use multiple systems.
  • Real-time visibility: Predefined reports and dashboards provide an up-to-date view of all key performance indicators, making it easy for supply chain businesses to understand their spending. This transparency enhances the user experience and allows for quick access to the latest information on purchase orders and invoices.
  • Real-time data access: Coupa’s main advantage is providing instant access to data, making it simple and fast to retrieve. This is crucial for supply chain organizations as they need to make decisions quickly, and quick data access ensures they can achieve their goals.

Coupa test automation: why is it important?

Coupa releases three updates per year that are mandatory for all customers, as well as additional enhancements throughout the year. Companies also have the option to create their own updates to fit their specific needs. Each update must also be thoroughly tested to ensure they do not negatively impact existing business operations or customer relationships. Due to the frequency of releases and heavy integration with other systems and ERPs, using automated testing for Coupa is a wise choice, as it enables organizations to keep pace with frequent Coupa changes.

How to select the right test automation tool for Coupa testing

Choosing the right tool for efficient Coupa testing is crucial. The following guidelines will help companies choose the right automated tool for their testing needs:

  • The tool should be No-Code, meaning that non-technical employees can contribute to test automation.
  • To save time and effort, the tool you select should allow for reusing test cases.
  • The tool should have a low learning curve, meaning that organizations can reap the benefits of test automation quickly.
  • It should be able to integrate with other ERP systems, as well as mobile, online, API, UI, mainframe, and other ERPs, so that cross-app and cross-technology business processes can be thoroughly tested.

Opkey for Coupa Testing‍

Opkey is a clear choice for Coupa test automation for the following reasons:

No-Code, Intuitive Platform: Opkey empowers non-technical Coupa users to intuitively create tests through a record-and-playback engine, along with a drag-and-drop process builder. In addition, Opkey makes it easy for users to store test cases to use in the future, saving organizations time, money, and manual effort.

Effortless maintenance: Opkey’s self-healing script technology makes it seamless to maintain Coupa test scripts. In fact, customers reduce their maintenance burden by 70%, when compared to manual testing. In addition, Opkey makes it easy for testers to communicate on specific test cases, raise tickets, and track testing progress.

Change aware: Opkey helps organizations pinpoint what, in their Coupa environment, is changing with each update, so they can prioritize testing on their most at-risk processes.

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