Best Practices: Maintenance and Enhancement Tasks for Oracle Cloud

Enhancements & maintenance tasks that every Oracle Cloud customer should follow.

  • Quarterly Patching: Although applying quarterly updates can be a hassle, the updates are important as they deliver important features, bug fixes, and security enhancements. These updates significantly increase the functionality of your Oracle apps.
  • Regression Testing: Oracle doesn’t test their updates on your specific environment. As such, you must perform regression testing to understand how the updates impact your existing business processes. Regression testing ensures that your Oracle apps will function correctly after the patch is applied.
  • Auditing User Security Access: Executing a personnel security access audit is crucial for the security of your business and employee data. After each quarterly update, your QA team should perform security testing to ensure that employees are not privy to any sensitive information.

Why enterprises fail to apply Oracle Cloud quarterly updates and patches?

  • It requires multiple rounds of regression testing. The updates are first applied across test environments and after two weeks, they are deployed into production environments. Thus, organizations must test 8 times a year — two times for each update. Simply put, both business and IT users have more important things to do than to do Oracle Cloud testing, so the testing tasks become draining.
  • There is a possibility that security roles will change with every quarterly update, so enterprises need to perform Oracle security testing to validate user privileges. Since a single role contains about 500 Function and Data security privileges, it is next to impossible to manually validate these hundreds of roles together.
  • Invest in Oracle Cloud Test Automation
  • Incorporate your Oracle releases into your DevOps pipeline
  • Cross Application Validation



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